Cacio e Pepe

provoloncino d’agerola, fior di latte, parmigiano crema, cracked black pepper

When we opened in 2017, Cacio e Pepe was only known as a traditional Italian pasta. Little did we expect that Chef Daniele's Cacio e Pepe pizza - the first of its kind - would become synonymous with Pizzana. Credited by the Los Angeles Times as helping to spark a Cacio e Pepe renaissance, today you will find Cacio e Pepe sandwiches, chips and soups around the country.

Our pizza oven melts fior di latte and provoloncino d’agerola together to produce a seriously delicious combination. The heat of the flames leaves a light char on top of the cheese giving each bite a unique crispy to gooey ratio. Finished with parmigiana crema and cracked black pepper, you will quickly understand why the late Jonathan Gold, LA’s esteemed food critic, was such a fan.

“The cacio e pepe pizza is a small miracle: crisp crust, pungent cheese and a showering of black pepper, a near-exact duplication of the flavor of the pasta’s particular tang even before your tongue hits a stripe of cream, which lends a bit of the pasta’s texture.” - Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles Times

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