Vegan Margherita

san marzano dop, vegan mozzarella, basil

Before we opened in 2017, we searched for the world’s best vegan mozzarella and vegan parmigiano we could find to live up to Chef Daniele’s discerning Italian standards. It was delicious and our customers wrote us love letters (read: emails and DMs) about Vegan Margherita. Yet, we were not satisfied. So we kept searching as the culinary world evolved and more vegan cheeses entered the market. More recently, in a tiny corner of the cheese counter, we happened upon what we consider to be the absolute best vegan cheese we have ever tasted. It stands up to the heat of our pizza oven and melts beautifully to blanket each slice with velvety, gooey goodness. So whether you are vegan or simply looking to switch things up, you will find that our Vegan Margherita is just as delicious as its dairy counterpart!

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